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Wireless Security Alarm

Wireless Security Alarm

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HOW SAFE IS YOUR HOME?“A Simple-To-Use Device That Helps You Protect You

And Your Family Against Home Invasions.”

How Do They Serve Your Security Needs?

Door alarms serve to create safe homes and offices by warning against intrusion at access points that get opened often. They can work equally well with doors, windows and cabinets.

A door-held-open alarm with a pleasant chime can warn a receptionist that a visitor has just entered the building, leaving enough room for attending other duties. 

When an employee tries to forcefully break through an office door which he or she is not authorized to use, the monitoring system will let the controller know. 

Door-left-open alarms enable setting longer delivery times for goods and reducing them when the delivery is complete. 

They guard against one of the most common security intrusion events – piggybacking or tailgating.

What Does It Solve?

You can’t put a price on Security. Our Wireless Security Alarm™ have a 90-decibel alarms loud enough to make a would-be intruder think twice about entering through your doors or windows.

It alerts you and the security personnel within the house, building, office, factory e.t.c to be on the look out for the intruder.

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