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Sonic Face Uplifter

Sonic Face Uplifter

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With Sonic Face Lifter, your skin looks at least 5 years younger!


The Sonic Face Lifter allows you to painlessly sculpt a firmer and tighter facial contour from the comfort of your home. This unique device utilizes a soothing sonic vibration to soften the look of fine lines & wrinkles while reducing facial puffiness.

While using the Sonic Lifter, you're not only lifting & firming, you're also boosting the effectiveness of your skincare products.

Suitable for all skin types, this non-invasive, anti-aging tool should be used daily for optimal results. Rollover your facial contour, neck, and body - this handheld tool lifts the skin along your entire body.


  • Firms, shapes, and tightens skin
  • Reduces facial swelling (puffiness)
  • Reduces signs of facial sagging
  • Helps increase the absorption of skincare products by 12x
  • Improves skin radiance

There is nothing simpler you can do for a natural lift.HOW TO USE?Massage your face gently with moisturizing cream.

Take your device and sit comfortably.

The device will start automatically once it makes contact with the skin.

Move the device through the desired areas for a few minutes and enjoy the pleasure and lifting of your skin.
Be sure to apply a quality cream for a faster and more pleasant lift.

Your eyes, cheeks, and forehead have never looked brighter or more awake.

The effects can be seen even after the first use, but using the device daily for two weeks you will get amazing results.

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