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Pipe Dredge Foaming Powder Cleaner

Pipe Dredge Foaming Powder Cleaner

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Effortlessly clear the drainage and clean the sinks!

Our Pipe Dredge Foaming Powder Cleaner is a unique, safe, but extremely powerful drain unblocker that clears stubborn blockage, removes rust, stains, grease, hair and other unwanted dirt in the sink and drain.

Made from non-corrosive and non-caustic materials, it effectively tackles the stubborn blockage with super deodorizing property with no harm to your drains, pipes or septic system, while remaining anti-bacterial and odor-free, keeping the washroom clean and fresh.

Use on any drain in your home, just simply pour it down to the mouth and it will handle the restExperience the magic of super rich bubbles with powerful enzymes cleaning in just minutes!!

  • Powerful Drain Unclogging:
    Unclogs blocked and slow-running drains with the super-strength dissolving formula. It gets the job done by dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap scum, oils, and organic matter easily.
  • All-In-One Cleaner:
    Instantly dissolves rust, stains, grease, fats, hair, oils, lint, paper, soap scum, food waste and other organic matter causing drain obstructions.
  • Magic Foam Particles:
    Formulated of citric acid, baking soda, surfactant, active oxygen, deep cleansing in multiple directions, removes hidden stains and cleans every corner. 

  • Safe & Effective: 
    Made from non-corrosive & non-caustic materials, it effectively tackles the stubborn blockage with no harm to your drains, pipes or septic system.

  • Fast Acting: 
    Upgraded reactive oxygen substances with powerful enzymes that breaks down & dissolve all dirt in minutes. 

  • Unique Formula: 
    Using a high-density formula, our products stick to the walls of your pipes and alters the pH level to rapidly dissolve the obstruction.

  • Anti-Bacterial & Odor-Free: 
    With natural lemon essence added, it is non-corrosive with an anti-bacterial feature. Resistant to bacteria and odour.

  • Widely Applicable:
    Works on all types of pipes, toilets, sinks, tubs, any other main drain lines, even washing machine and kitchen sink. 


  1. Pour this product into the place to be cleaned.
  2. Add the right amount of water and immediately foam.
  3. Soak for 30 minutes, then gently brush and rinse.
  • Size: 10 x 4 cm
  • Net Weight: 100g


  • 2 pc x Pipe Dredge Foaming Powder Cleaner
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