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Car Steering Wheel Protective Cover

Car Steering Wheel Protective Cover

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Protect the steering wheel for the long drive.

Cracking and peeling steering wheel might put your off from driving long distance. It might lower your offer when putting the car to the market. So, protect it with Car Steering Wheel Protective Cover.

Car Steering Wheel Protective Cover protects your vehicle's steering wheel from damage and extend the life of your steering wheel. The silicone material grants you a comfortable and non-slip driving experience in both hot and cold weather. Adding colour can also make your car more stylish.


  • Protective:
    Protect the steering wheel from cracking and peeling, which makes you more at ease. Very suitable for truck drivers as well as long-distance travel, long-distance travel, road travel, and field trips.
  • Stylish: 
    Adds a sense of style to your car's interior! 
  • Comfortable:
    Isolate your hands from hot and cold temperatures. In any extreme weather, it will not slip on the steering wheel.
  • Universal:
    The steering wheel cover is 32-40cm which fits almost all of the model.
  • Easy To Install:
    Any adult can easily install the steering wheel cover without any tools.
  • Non-Slip:
    Hold the steering wheel comfortably and securely to ensure a safe driving journey.
  • High-Quality Silicone:
    Provide a comfortable, breathable, driving experience.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Weight: 145g
  • Size: 32cm diameter


  • 1x Car Steering Wheel Protective Cover
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